Recipe: Delicious Baked kheer

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Baked kheer. Please do click on the following links for my other easy to make recipes. Rice Custard Kheer I Leftover Rice Kheer I How to make Rice Kheer in urdu hindi I Cook With Shaheen. Kheer is the subcontinental name for sweet milk pudding usually made with rice, although it can also be made The people of the subcontinent have grown up eating kheer from baked clay earthen bowls.

Baked kheer Pumpkin Kheer: A very simple recipe to prepare kheer using pumpkin and milk. Sometime back I tried this recipe with the canned pumpkin puree. I don't know for what reason. You can cook Baked kheer using 10 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Baked kheer

  1. Prepare of Ingredients.
  2. You need of for kheer.
  3. You need of milk-1kg.
  4. You need of rice-100gm.
  5. It's of for pudding.
  6. You need of thick kheer--1cup.
  7. You need of egg--1.
  8. Prepare of sugar-4tbsp.
  9. It's of almond-cashew nut-2tbsp.
  10. Prepare of amul butter-2tsp.

Sabudana kheer is a delicious, creamy & rich pudding made with tapioca pearls, sugar, milk To make sabudana kheer, tapioca pearls are first rinsed well and then cooked in water until they turn. In Mauritius, kheer forms part of an interesting ceremony at indian weddings. Kheer-puri along with signs of matrimony is then distributed to nine married women with blessings of peace, prosperity and. This Almond Phirni Kheer is a delicious Indian dessert recipe that you're going to fall in love with!

Baked kheer instructions

  1. Soak rice for 1hour mix rice &milk and boil it on slow fire for 35 minutes or till become it.
  2. Whisk egg and sugar.
  3. Add egg&sugar,dry fruits.and butter to thick kheer. mix it well.
  4. Pour this batter to remkins or any small greased mould. microwave it for 2minutes or bake at 180/degree. serve it with dry fruit decoration..
  5. Chocolate cream top melt chocolate in double boiler. add fresh amul cream in it. Serve kheer pudding with chocolate sauce on top.

Keto Almond Phirni Kheer is a delicious sweet treat that's low carb and easy to make. sabudana kheer recipe with step by step photos. this is a creamy smooth kheer. just remember to cook the sabudana pearls very well. we generally make sabudana kheer during the navratri festival or. Kheer from leftover cooked rice/ Cooked rice kheer is a one such easy and super delicious dessert Kheer fans like me just need a reason to make it so I cook extra rice to make possibly prepare kheer. The kheer turned out quite amazing. It looks a little browner than regular rice kheer, but that's because I use turbinado sugar which is brown and also because I added a bit of vanilla extract which I. Generally Apple Kheer is made usually during fasts.