How to Prepare Perfect Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen

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Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen.

Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen You can cook Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen using 16 ingredients and 10 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen

  1. It's 1 pound of kale.
  2. It's 1 pound of ground round.
  3. It's 1 of large onion.
  4. Prepare 1 pound of red potatoes.
  5. Prepare 1-1/2 quart of water.
  6. You need 4 cup of mashed potatoes made with milk.
  7. Prepare 1 teaspoon of kosher salt.
  8. You need 1 teaspoon of granulated garlic powder.
  9. You need 1/2 teaspoon of ground white pepper.
  10. Prepare 1/2 teaspoon of ground black pepper.
  11. You need 1 teaspoon of celery salt.
  12. You need 1/2 cup of sour cream.
  13. It's 1 tablespoon of prepared Horseradish sauce.
  14. Prepare 1/2 stick of butter.
  15. It's As needed of chives to garnish.
  16. You need As needed of milk if necessary for thinning of soup.

Soup of the Day Friday, for Helen step by step

  1. Brown the ground round with the onions. Don't drain. Add the butter..
  2. Getting to the butter next..
  3. Wash the potatoes and dice. Add to a pot with the water and the kosher salt, add the kale..
  4. Kale will be right on top. It will wilt just a bit..
  5. Add the ground round and onions. Then season with the rest of the spices. Mix well but don't over do keep the red boiled potatoes intact..
  6. Cover and boil till the potatoes are fork tender..
  7. Add the Horseradish sauce and sour cream to the mashed potatoes.
  8. Add the mashed potato mixture to thicken the soup. If too thick thin with some milk. Add a cup at a time..
  9. Stir it will thicken just a bit, serve..
  10. I hope you enjoy!.